Do you think it is suitable for ladies to be involved in the marketing or promoting sectors?

As summer comes, a host of graduates have to be exposed to the real society and make his/her own occupation choice. Nowadays, talents are urgently needed by a wide variety of industries, especially by that focusing on marketing and promoting. A girl, for one, decided to be a member in this section after her graduation. She now can earn more than 10 thousand yuan a month, but can seize little leisure time for herself, since she is always in her business trip around the world.

Sometimes, maybe we should think twice before a proper decision is made, for it concerns to the harmony and balance between the career and the family. Also, it is considered that the frequent out-for-business schedules and social activities have negative impact on the stabilization of the family.

Do you think it is suitable for ladies to be involved in the marketing or promoting sectors? And as a man would you support your girlfriend or wife to work in such department?

I don't think it is suitable for ladies to be involved in the marketing or promoting sectors.

1) It is difficult to get marry. they spend most of time on their career. No one can be success without hard working in today competitive society especilly in the marketing or promoting sectors. many successful ladies have lost their youth time. when they can sit down to find their Mr.right , they sudden find they have turned old. Never can be back their youth.

2) It is easy to divorce. ladies should go everywhere. It is little time to stay with family. The gap between her and husband becomes more and more deeply. after having a baby, lady also take little time to look after it. So baby doesn't get enough love from mother. the family does not like a family. maybe one day her husband will find another instead of her.

3) It is bad for their health. they ofen do not eat in right time even sometimes forget to have a dinner. And they often work in deep night or take much overtime.

4) It is a dangerous job for ladies. In order to get the business. they need drink or entertainment with their customers. And some boss have a bad purpose. Many girls will be caught with chaff.

So I think the marketing and promoting is the men's job.  ladies should take some quiet and regular jobs.

The autumn wind and cold day plus scarf to create elegant ladies wind

To the autumn and winter, the scarf is the most widely used with accessories, in addition to warm, decorative effect and other ornaments than it first but through different styles and colors of clothing, so that their shape and dressbring more highlights and Aspect hurry to pick one that suits you right!

AnnaLynne McCord

The scarf is a the annual seasonal poser clergyman, not only can play a basic role in the warmth, but also for the whole dress extra points really do both!

Amy Adams

Color Matching Tips

Color Match Tips for Fashion Apparel in This Autumn

What is the most popular color for apparel in this autumn? Fresh red and green are the key to fashion besides those usual used color, such as black, white, gray, and camel. These vivid colors make a great contrast against the desolate season. But how to match them to show the best side of you is an annoying problem for pretty. Now I would like to list some useful tips for your reference.

Fashion Dos for Red

The best color to match the bright red is black in ordinary life. This pair is as classic as white and black. As the basic color, black makes the bright red mild and elegant which decorates the cold season with passion and vogue. Crimson that is more gentle and feminine than bright red is the trendy color this year. Its best match is also the black.

Fashion Dos for Green

Another popular color of this autumn is the apple green which catches eyes with its jewelly color. Choose clothing of this color for classic simple style, do not decorate complicatedly. The best partners of apple green are earth color and black. Emerald which represents noble and vogue is not fit for girls whose skin color is not so white. White, the best match of emerald, makes you young and clean.

Fashion Dos for Rose

Rose has become a stylish color since last year. Costume, especially pants made in rose color is mature and deep for ladies who are feminine and enchanting. Black and white well match up with rose which pairs with orange red, peach red, bright red is also a fashionable trend. Peach red is a more dynamic color than rose and is suitable for young girls. Tops with peach red color show vitality of you. Low-pitched colors would be good partners to peach red.

Fashion Dos for Yellow

Lemon yellow as decoration for black or gray look in autumn is just like the bright star shinning in the dark sky.It helps you out of boredom and being charming.

Fashion Dos for Purple

Purple is a difficult laying color for it is not able to brighten skin color and looks a little”old”, but it is also too romantic for ladies to reject it. Actually it is not so hard to wear in purple color according to stylish design and relative decorations.

Generally speaking, choosing the in color, finding the right match method, and using the suited decorations is the key to fashion.

Source: Color Matching Tips